Ecumenical Dilution of the Truth – False Prophets

There are many so called Christian leaders, including Mohler, of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who are encouraging Christians to “in solidarity” fast with muslims in Ramadan. This surreptitious benign behavior by muslims in “joining” with Chrisitans in unity is a farce and a LIE. The first time the numbers tilt to the muslims, in the area of their power base, DEATH will be their calling card or forced extraction from their vicinity until power is fully theirs and the Quran’s call to murder can be obeyed. The “encouraged” extractions cleared a town unto TOTAL MUSLIM DOMINATION IN NY  You better understand the implications of worshipping a god which does NOT exist. The “god” of islam’s “mercy” is rewarding good works instead of acting on its true inclination to wipe out the entirety of humanity. In actuality it is a trick of satan to make muslims believe they are going to the sensual sex palaces in the sky if they “do good works” and keep them ignorant of the Truth of God’s Grace in Jesus Christ until they are FULLY dead, physically (and spiritually as they are now). The Muslims and Jews say they believe in the Law of God or the first 5 books of the Bible….If so , where is their Blood Sacrifice  as is called for for forgiveness? Jesus is God’s offer to fulfill His Law…the Jews and muslims are DOUBLEMINDED and cancel in their practice of belief, that which they call holy. Do NOT be duped, the muslims will not stop until America is razed to the ground and your children enslaved as they are.


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