How America Has Descended the Spiritual Ladder – Our Idols

The Man who DEFINED Modern Education in America, John Dewey.

This is who set up the government run education system from the turn of the 19th to the 20th Century. Your children as well as you yourself, were and are taught in governmental schools according to this man’s system…

1930’s- John Dewey was an esteemed humanist. He was a prominent leader of new ideas in education. He wrote much on the effects of Darwin’s theory of evolution on science, education, man and society. His premise can be summarized as saying that nothing is ultimately good in itself except positive change for the better. To this goal he rejected absolute values of God, the Bible, and men who believed in God.



1916- Louis Brandeis (1856-1941) urged the Court to be bold

in leading society to change. He wanted the reason of men to be the ultimate

rule, not the law of God nor the ideas of the Founders of this nation, which propagated Dewey’s push to eradicate “History” from schools and replace it with an indoctrinating course for social control/evolution theories called “Social Studies”.These are the kind of ideas upon which John Dewey built his theories.



Dewey’s most “positive” value is positive change for the

better (as Dewey defined better). He was so recognized as a leader of new ideas

concerning humanism ie synonym for socialism that he was invited to teach on

establishing state schools for the betterment of the state. He taught in China

at the University of Peking and in Turkey. Upon Dewey’s return to California,

he wrote an Americanized version of Karl Marx philosophies called “The

Humanist Manifesto”. He believes in the collective society like socialist

of Russia and China being more important than any individualism. He views

people as members of the larger society, to the exclusion of individual rights

when the perceived needs of society would require the exclusion of personal

rights. This thinking permeates the N.E.A today as a result of his works and

others who followed in his footsteps. The state rights over individual rights

is associated with the recent event in Pennsylvania where state authorities

forced fifty young girls to be spread eagled on an examination table, for

genital inspection, without parent’s knowledge or consent. Such is the

consequence of giving up individual rights to the state system.



John Dewey mocked the beliefs of the Founders. He ridiculed

those who put their trust in traditional understanding of law and Constitution

by saying they were so wrong. (See John Dewey, The Public and Its Problems,

1927, page 34)



What the people of America called the corner stone of their

republic, John Dewey called a stumbling block. He ridiculed, mocked, and

scorned the traditions of the people of America, the efforts of our Founders,

our form of government, and the belief in absolute values.



After John Dewey and Langdell got through with their

prestigious campaign in the eyes of power and money and glory from men,… any

teacher who still held for absolute values was mocked and driven out of

position to teach. Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Law was widely discarded.



Blackstone taught that certain rights and wrongs did not

change. Especially those related to human behavior. Blackstone had been the

main text in law since before the Declaration of Independence. Great preachers

had come out of law to preach the gospel after reading all of Blackstone’s

Biblical references to his understanding of law. Blackstone taught that law

came from God. The courts were now going to change those traditional ideas of

law which had been held true and unchangeable since the Magna Carta of England.

The first generation to come up under the parents AND the children being indoctrinated to destroy the American Christian Truth our nation was built on was the generation which came of college age in the 1960’s.


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