Islam is Targeting the US With Different Weapons – Has Taken a City

Islam is just like any other human based system of tyranny. It bases its political, sexual, racial, gender,intellectual, emotional et al, control of the population under its sway through immediate, violent, reprisal if their is a deviation and terror of the threat to oppress. This is the modus operandi of ALL these systems; the Nazi’s were identical in the Nuremberg night rituals to the “pilgrimage to Mecca” (hajj). They have a week , where they whipped the people into an emotional orgiastic state, feigning transcendence of the material when it was all just a show of the sensual to create the illusion of unity and the losing of the significance of self so obedience is extracted much easier. The systems are based on a myriad of external “laws” (sharia law) which is the vehicle of absolute control by the leaders chosen. Each of these systems, some called “religions” (islam, hindu, buddhist, Nazi, Communist, etc), is fully different from the ONE True Faith of Christianity (Reformed), reestablished by God in the Reformation. Christ changes the HEART and recreates the entire person and thus the external works simply follow without coersion (Eph 2:8-10) from a Righteous new heart. The systems mentioned before must control through coersion, terror, lies and FEAR.

If islam sees anyone in its community acting outside the “sharia law”, then the whole illusion is threatened and that deviant must be destroyed before people see “freedom” and power is lost.  islam cannot “join” a society different than its own because the entire illusion which is the foundation of external control and power (sharia law) is threatened and lost. That is why islam closes itself off from the rest of a society it invades, to keep its slaves under fear of deviance while the surrounding country is softened for gradual assimilation. In Europe there are closed off “cultural centers” with 15 ft brick and steel reinforced walls and towns renamed with islamic monikers where the nationals (unprotected by their governments and dead in their faith unto the True God of the Bible) of the countries just look on in curiosity at first until the terror sets in as the islamic infection spreads.

The initial invasion is based on getting as many transferred to the nation as possible and then consolidating power in numbers politically. Then they test the court systems to assess the resistance they will have to overcome to institute sharia law in the legal system. They do this with test cases as they did in Europe and Great Britain. Below are the latest test cases the militants have been successful with in the US and of course you have all heard of the Victory Mosque being built as a monument in NY City by the militants (allowed by the spiritually dead, ignorant, mammon worshipers of NY) across from their Victory Site (the Towers) from 9/11. I do not know how many of you know of one of the first muslim cities in the US but under Obama it has emerged victorious and is spreading the infection as vehemently as possible. I dare say an American of Christian Blood or just an average American which of course is pagan even if he or she ostensibly calls themselves a “believer”, would be gutted and beheaded on the streets of ISLAMBERG, NY (see their website).

Well, I thought I would let you know whats coming people; who knows if you have the clarity to see the danger, but at least now you know.

One of the sharia law “test cases” this year.

An entire swathe of New York’s countryside has already ENTIRE CITY…


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