“Left Behind” is a Satanic Weapon to Make Deceived Christians Receed From Society

PLEASE UNDERSTAND Christians of America; the Premillennial defeatist Eschatology of “Left Behind” and other PreMill garbage are a tool used by Satan to give God’s children, who are deceived in this nation’s false Arminian/Humanist (Non-Reformed/Calvinist) Churches, a hopeless attitude RE: the Future and thus hide behind church doors and “wait for the END!”. IGNORANCE The Bible is REPLETE with the fact that Jesus is REIGNING now and and “ALL of His Enemies will be made His Footstool!(Psalm 110,1 Cor 15)” The Great Commission was NOT just a “pretty self help speech” by the Christ, Jesus! IT IS THE GUIDING PRINCIPLE behind ALL of history’s progression unto the return of Christ in Glory…the defeat and utter banishment of evil and sin from this world is an Absolute Truth to be preceded by a time of great rejoicing and hope as the Holy Spirit is poured out in abundance and even unto the very “sinful” (carnivorous) nature of the wolf and the bear, etc, being ameliorated unto righteousness/peace (Isaiah 11,32,33 etc etc, Haggai 2 etc). Do not let this perverse nation take your heart from the Truth in despair Loved Ones. Let me know and I will send you material on POSTMILLENNIALISM, the VICTORIUS Biblical Eschatology of the Reformation and the Apostles and the Bible and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, God Almighty/El Shaddai. Do NOT be deceived!! Jesus is ALL Hope not a “RAPTURE” escape pod! There is NO “Millennial Kingdom” as premill states but there IS a time of Great Righteousness where the Church will advance as never before and the entire ty of nations will be regenerated to a majority extent, even animals and the environment will experience a sanctification of their core nature (Isaiah 11). This is not a PERFECT state (Isaiah 65:20) but a wonderous glimpse of what is to come at Christ’s return when we are fully Glorified unto the Righteousness of Christ. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED INFO eph2@morrisbb.net (books & Mp3’s) !!

See Jonathan Edwards’ “History of Redemption” or

Postmillennialism on http://www.apuritansmind.com/


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