WOMAN – Take Note

Take Account America – What is the Truth? Which is Correct about a woman’s Beauty? 1) Women who have the peace and understanding within to know that the people who find them attractive are the people they are Blessed to display their God Given Beauty to; and change those peoples’ lives by that Beauty within and without. 2) Women who rape their own bodies and minds of peace, nutrients, rest, gentle nurturing, acceptance etc, who look more like death’s mark of famine upon their bodies than life’s nourishment; so as to please rapacious monsters who would ravage them as quickly as look at them.

Your Beauty is not for everyone Young, Vibrant Woman or Precious Older and Wise Woman of Honor! God made your Beauty to absolutely fit one man. From that Godly Fountain will come the Love of your “Princess” dreams, but much more complete than your little girl minds could wrap around at the time. Seek in the Garden of God (Reformed Christian Church committed to the Faith of the Reformation – given back to us from God) not the City Dump. Start here:

http://reformedwomen.wordpress.com/      — Reformed Women’s Site

http://www.apuritansmind.com/      —  Reformed Theology Site


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