Response to Ron Paul’s Criticism of Awlaki’s Execution

Mr. Paul, your assessment of Anwar al’ Awlaki’s (the muslim
soldier) execution is quite erroneous.
This U.S. Citizen proactively, through clear and unequivocal
communications, rejected with antipathy and truculent motives, that very same
U.S. citizenship; And stepped into the role of a Muslim soldier clearly
delineated in this excerpt from the Koran:

K 8:012   Set 28,
Count 62

…make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the
hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off
every fingertip of them.


Mr. Paul, Islam is founded and maintained upon a central
doctrine of absolute control by man.
Allah is an uninterested, distant and scurrilous deity which sells a
sensual-hedonic “heaven” for the price of man’s works associated with
attaining absolute control of the world’s population through arbitrary,
morphing, pragmatic and appetite based interpretation of a tool of tyranny
called sharia law.   There is no
negotiation; there is no reason; there is no grace; there is absolutely no
mercy; there is no love…… for man is born spiritually dead in sin and is
Loveless, and these men have been tricked into glorifying the dead soul within
and to feed the only appetite which resounds in the fallen man’s heart, the
appetite of the flesh….. murder, tyrrany, rage, rape, lies, strife,
enmity,sensuality….all these are tools used to keep them in bondage and to
keep those within their sphere of influence under control with the most
effective weapon they have and use, FEAR. The ONLY way they can live is if the
ENTIRETY OF THE places they dwell are under the external tyranny of sharia law,
because unlike Christianity their hearts do not change so they must externally
controlled the environment to feel a sense of gaining enough “works”
correlating with their version of the sharia law, that their deity will owe
them a trip to a sensual paradise which is given value and form in the Quran
and by the “clerics” like Awlaki, by descriptions appealing to every
appetite of the flesh.


Awlaki has, in concert with his jihadist compatriots,
declared war on this nation and thus has forfeited the court room for the battlefield
he died on.


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