Who is the Arminian God? Look in the Mirror…..

The Arminian heresy is the theological outgrowth of the humanistic perversion of this nation’s comprehensive foundational truths, delineated imperfect clarity to the founders of this nation in the Holy Bible. Coming into the late 1800s and early 1900s, this nation began to see the Blessings provisioned by God as a result of the faithful integration and propagation of this nation as somehow merited which is blasphemy in itself as it arrogates man to a position of holding a debt the Almighty God of the universe owes him… Salvation, which is the only foundation for true blessing. Man took this arrogance generated by the prolific expansion of territory, success in business, Industrial Revolution and the enlightenment which fed it and put down the Bible and picked up any modern thinker who expounded the glory of man in and of himself. Hey gal with his “synthesis”, intended on taking good and evil mankind and bringing them together in the “synthesis” of another Tower of Babel; irretrievably corrupting the potential for righteousnes’s spread under the standard of God’s Law. Instead John Dewey in the early 1900s impressed the other humanists infiltrating government and became the nation’s educational system steward. Under his watch, the propagation of Instrumentalism philosophy told children that truth is a malleable thing subservient to the child’s decision of what is a proper answer to any problem based upon the standard, not of the Bible, but of the most financially beneficial answer they come up with. Dewey also extricated history as a subject in public schools as this glorified the sovereignty of God throughout history and linked the destruction of the evil to that sovereignty and the promulgation of good also to that sovereignty. Dewey replaced it with social control theory and evolution based fiction of man. Theology was struck as the Godlessness of humanism thrived; seminary professors came from humanistic schools, lay people became enthralled in self and the all important “I”, divorce began it’s meteoric rise and pastors embraced the heralded power and goodness of man and Charles Finney’s circus like theory of man controlling atmosphere to control salvation itself in any venue infiltrated church after church until the real showmen saw the money to be made them became pastors themselves as we see today. This video is a visual display of many of the venues and voices this evil is propagated and promulgated in. It is useful to this generation as a tool to look in the mirror, for the righteousness given by the Grace of God in the Reformation is in the books God invented the printing press at that time to safe keep that righteousness within. This blog is dedicated to those few people who will see the principles of the faith which God reintroduced and expanded upon use of in the Reformation. If you are one of them leave a comment with any questions and I will get back to you. I also have a vast library of MP3s and PDF books from the Reformation writers which I will get to you if your heart has truly been touched. God bless you all…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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