The Wrath of the Lamb….


The satanically inspired Americans for the Separation of Church and State and of course the ACLU, are tools in evil’s hand and they do not know it. The binding of a nation comes from the Love God instills through the righteous practice of His Law. Jesus fulfilled the Ceremonial Laws (Sacrificial, Food, Cleanliness, Separation of the Jew etc) in His Perfect Sacriice which Spiritually fulfilled ALL …under that category. We still “practice” them in Christ. The moral and the civil laws will not be fulfilled until the second coming when the Elect are made perfectly Righteous as Christ is in His Glorified sate. These laws are being gradually fulfilled in the True Salvation of the Elect as Christ’s Sinlesness and Righteousness are IMPUTED to the Elect in Justification, which means we are Legally Declared Sinless and Righteous (fully compliant with God’s Character/Law). This gives us the right to come before the Father ANY time in prayer. ALSO we are, in Sanctification, gradually INFUSED with Christ’s actual Righteousness accrued from His life of perfect obedience to the Law. This gives us gradual ability to OBEY THE LAW in RIGHTEOUSNESS more and more over time by the Holy Spirit imparting Jesus’ Righteousness to us. In the second coming, just like the ceremonial laws were abolished EXTERNALLY as they were fulfilled INTERNALLY , the Moral (personal) and Civil (society) Laws will be abolished as they will be perfectly written upon our hearts in the New Heavens and New Earth (Isaiah 65). These Moral and Civil Laws God gave us MADE AMERICA and with these satanic institutions gradually extricating this foundation from our society, it will fly apart or another foundation will be laid such as the MUSLIMS ARE TRYING TO CAPITALIZE ON NOW. So…even you perverts and hellish Godhaters do not want to live under NO GRACE – The MUSLIM HOARDE- for God will, during your lifetime, give you opportunities to repent, Satan (THE MUSLIM HOARDE) just wants you DEAD. And you “Christians” rolling over on your back for this, please understand, PRAY FOR THE SMITING OF GOD’S ENEMIES (Psalm 109, 139 etc)! We are to love OUR enemies NOT GOD’s!
Acts 5:29 (ESV) 29 But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.
–Arminians, run to a conservative Reformed Church because you are in the temple of MAN!
— Dead Souls, you better stop the onslaught against your God, for He has dealt with you in the past and He will deal with you again:
I will give you ONE verse pagans, then go read about Jerusalem in 70 AD when Christ came to them on “clouds of Glory” using the dead souls of the Roman Army to unleash the Wrath of the Lamb…..
Matthew 23:36 (ESV) 36 Truly, I say to you, all these things will come upon this generation.

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