An Introduction to Reformed Theology (James White)

Simply introduces Reformed Theology in terms of stark contrast to man’s God-less and purely Idolatrous Pride. People HATE Reformation based theology (Reformed Theology, Calvinism) as it reestablished, after 1000 years of glorifying MAN under the blood drenched, sensuality laden and spiritually murderous Roman Catholic Church and its “Holy Roman Empire”. Today we have the Humanist/Arminian Empire born of Hell in America, but the Spiritual Weapons of the early Church and the Reformation are being taken up again at accelerating rates. These weapons were stored in the Pure Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God and the Reformation’s excellent theological works founded in the Infallibility of the Bible and they have transcended time by the Printing Press’ invention at the initiation of the Reformation. Enjoy Loved Ones!
Vodpod videos no longer available.


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