Thank You Papa

I look and see so clearly, through precious eyes not mine own from birth but granted in Grace of Rebirth, and see a world frenetically positioning itself in suicidal paths to make itself seem safe, to provoke in self and others, the illusion of control. The ways are myriad and define humanism’s version of power, which is actually man’s attempt to hide his fear when hating his God. We are here for 80 years, dying from birth until the Grace of rebirth or convulsing in suicidal grasps of frightened vexation, at the implements of man’s delusion of control; be it money which gives the illusion that one controls others but actually your appetites are controlling you, drugs which control temporarily the perception of fear of not being in control, sex which gives one temporary control of his sense of inadequacy to control others until the next morning when the rejection typically begins….etc. Dear Lord, for your Elect I give you this prayer of Gratitude that you graciously killed off the dead men and women we were on the cross with Your Mighty and Gracious Son’s act of Selfless Mercy and Grace. Thank You Abba, Daddy, we Love You and need You in All things…..Your Children


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