Halloween a Testimony of America’s Spiritual Condition?

America’s god…..WRATH…For it is a nation of the Children of Wrath.

You are right on actually. Why do you think this nation’s greatest amount of wealth is spent at Halloween? This is Rockefeller’s dream come true, a dumbed down public school population unified under a common spiritual and mental atrophy to a slavish STUPIDITY. Stupid is the inability to learn and the population’s own depravity given free reign is the effective “stupid pill” fed the population since the early 1900’s and John Dewey’s rise under Rockefeller funds at the University of Chicago, to education Czar and his work on the genesis of the satanic (which is God-less Pride) humanism taught in public schools which has led this nation to the rotted flesh and souls it is now. Think about it. FATHERS of this nation, who are supposed to lay down their lives for those they love, let the WHORE OF SATAN Madalyn Murray O’Hair effectively spiritually torture and murder their children through taking their ONLY HOPE…the Bible of God Almighty, El Shaddai, Jesus Christ..OUT OF THE SCHOOLS! Read Isaiah 3 and you will see a FRONT PAGE DESCRIPTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF PERVERSION.
Isaiah 3:1-12 (NASB) 1 For behold, the Lord GOD of hosts is going to remove from Jerusalem and Judah Both supply and support, the whole supply of bread And the whole supply of water; 2 The mighty man and the warrior, The judge and the prophet, The diviner and the elder, 3 The captain of fifty and the honorable man, The counselor and the expert artisan, And the skillful enchanter. 4 And I will make mere lads their princes, And capricious children will rule over them, 5 And the people will be oppressed, Each one by another, and each one by his neighbor; The youth will storm against the elder And the inferior against the honorable. 6 When a man lays hold of his brother in his father’s house, saying, “You have a cloak, you shall be our ruler, And these ruins will be under your charge,” 7 He will protest on that day, saying, “I will not be your healer, For in my house there is neither bread nor cloak; You should not appoint me ruler of the people.” 8 For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen, Because their speech and their actions are against the LORD, To rebel against His glorious presence. 9 The expression of their faces bears witness against them, And they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it. Woe to them! For they have brought evil on themselves. 10 Say to the righteous that it will go well with them, For they will eat the fruit of their actions. 11 Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him, For what he deserves will be done to him. 12 O My people! Their oppressors are children, And women rule over them. O My people!


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