Encouragement For A Brother In Christ From a Brother In Christ

Band of Brothers are We Who Battle in the Fight Already Won…Not unto our Glory but unto the Sanctification of our Souls that we MAY GLORIFY OUR KING JESUS!

Brother….A man’s demeanor within the ONLY context which the foundational element of God’s character is revealed in practice, tells the Truth of that man. That foundational element of God’s Character is Love and just as we are given ability to understand that Truth, so are we given ability to understand the Context which is required for the very nature of Love to be revealed and Practiced rightly —- That Context is RELATIONSHIP — and so thus we see clearly why the idea of a Singular Person chosen as the vehicle of God’s revealed substance is silly and contradictive of His very foundational character Trait, And So, we see the Fullness of WHY we Adore, Glorify, Worship, Trust and LOVE a THREE PERSON TRIUNE GOD…..Relationship gives venue to His revealed Glory in Love and so we also see Creation itself as an expression of desire in Our Adoptive Father, Our Adoptive Brother and Our Adoptive Holy Spirit to express Love in Relationship with those He Creates unto His Glorification in His Love revealed through these He Creates, yes, but also in his Justice according to Righteousness….for Righteousness or the Moral Law of God is the Standard which DEFINES that which is Loveable to Our Father and thus what is Just. What is Righteousness? It is Love and Justice Revealed in the active expression of Life ….. It is the Moral Law of God, It is Life guided by the Very Character of God.


In Relationship Brother…Your heart is Blessed by Our Father unto Love expressed in your very expression of being, each time we encounter you….  One word sent or just prayers from you Our Brother, in ALL cases you are a man who unveils Love in the Context of Relationship….for that we are Truly Blessed and Thankful for your Brotherhood.

God Bless You as We are Blessed Through You…



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