Puff The Dead Soul

The Tongue of America's Leadership....Guides to and Through the Gates of Hell

The Tongue of America’s Leadership….Guides to and Through the Gates of Hell

It is the vast and celebrated ignorance of the Biblical Rule of our Faith and the Absolute Sovereignty of God in this DEAD AND FALLEN CHURCH OF MAN’s GLORY, called a nation, which allows you to make a nebulous puff of smoke arguement grounded in nothing but words which find their foundation and efficacy on NOTHING BUT HUMAN IMPUTATION OF MEANING, WHICH IS NO MEANING AT ALL AS MAN IS NOT SOVEREIGN BUT A FAITHLESS PIECE OF FILTHY REBELLION IN ABSOLUTE ENMITY AND HATRED OF GOD, PRIOR TO GOD GIVING HIM LIFE.  God’s ABSOLUTE MORAL LAW, which is His condescension to His Fallen Creation to reveal what man’s heart aspires to if it is in right relationship with the Holy, Perfect, Glorious, Triune, God Almighty….THIS IS THE STANDARD….THIS IS THE FOUNDATION…this is the description of a man’s direction and attitude when his heart has been CHANGED, NOT OF ANY VOLITION OF HIS OWN, but of the Great Giver of Life who is ALL….ALPHA to OMEGA. His Word is ALL that we need in this dead land to gain a PERFECT foundation for ALL LIFE…not a foundation for Sunday Mornings looking for accolades and entertainment as 99% of the Humanist Churches are pervaded with, not for Wednesday Nights where men congratulate themselves for making such a VAST and “faithful” sacrifice to show up and “talk” with people while eating…..but the Word of God is a faithful foundation for the even the very understanding of how the atomic structure of the new Temples of God during the time of Grace, hold together —- how to build a True Family and who is at its Head — how to raise a Child — how to deal in the marketplace — how to MAKE AN ARGUMENT UNASSAILABLE —-and in my case how to live with great and pronounced weaknesses and plaguing fears at times, how to be a man of GOD’s Kingdom and NEVER an AMERICAN of this Age, how to see through the God-less Fools this nation believes can ACTUALLY DO WHAT THEY DIRECTLY LIE IN SAYING THEY CAN DO AS THERE IS NO FOUNDATION IN TRUTH FOR IT…..Unless God Builds the House, the Laborers labor in VAIN…..unless Christians Truly imbued with the Righteousness of Christ like John Lofton, stand up and speak TRUTH in the face of the Idols of Power and License we have worshipped for so long and this nation changes course by Divine Impetus unto Repentance, then America will continue down the road of the Beasts and continue to promulgate Counterfeit Laws based in man’s Appetites which IS the Mark of the Beast…..AND BE DESTROYED LIKE EVERY OTHER BEASTLY NATION….Rome, Roman Catholic Apostate Empire, Japan, USSR, Nazi Germany, Cambodia, China’s absolutism etc etc…… God Truly Bless America with MEN HARD WITH TRUTH AND UNYIELDING AS LUTHER.


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