Under Law…….Grace? Rom 6:14 ….

Make Perfect Company Together

Make Perfect Company Together

What does Rom 6:14 mean we ask?

Romans 6:14 (NASB) 14 For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace.

When Man is fallen, his relationship with God is defined by the Law’s condemnation of his character, wholly antithetical and obdurate toward God. The Law is the description of God’s Character as it is revealed in a man’s thoughts words and actions if they came from a Righteous/GOD-LIKE heart in man. The Law shows CLEARLY that we do not have ANY likeness to the pure holiness of God and thus we are DAMNED by the Law showing our perverse heart, thus God has NO COMMUNION WITH CORUPTION but destroys it after Mercy and Grace are exhausted (“the sin of the Amorites (Canaanites) is not yet full”  Gen 12), in perfect Justice.

When man is saved and under Grace, this means that the Law has been met or lived out across a pre-established period of time, in its fullness by One who is of a same heart (Righteous) as God (Jesus) and that One has been declared by the Father/Ultimate Judge,  FULLY Righteous because of that Perfect Obedience (Active Obedience – Meaning he is declared to have a Character like the Father, so communion can happen and God not destroy the One trying to commune with His Perfect Light of Righteousness, for Light obliterates darkness).  Further, that Messiah or Anointed One has put forth His own substitutionary work to the Father in receiving wrath in Justice for the sins committed past, present and future of those He is representing (the Elect) as a Substitute (Passive Obedience) .

SO — The Elect UNDER GRACE has a Relationship with God defined by the SINS paid for by the Christ in FULLNESS and the ABSOLUTE UNITY in Character and Heart (RIGHTEOUSNESS) which the Messiah HAS in FULLNESS with God the Father, who is the ULTIMATE Standard and Judge who placed the power in the Messiah to Save and to Glorify a Race unto being the Father’s Adopted Children.  The One under Grace relies on the Messiah who FOLLOWED PERFECTLY THE MORAL LAW OF GOD which showed His Heart condition. The Elect is then brought into relationship WITH JUSTIFICATION before the Father through a Legal Declaration based on the fact that the Messiah did the work to eventually ACTUALLY forgive their sins and ACTUALLY MAKE them RIGHTEOUS IN HEART at His RETURN in JUDGMENT DAY. Over the interim period Sanctification happens where we are Gradually INFUSED with the Righteousness/Spirit of Christ by the Holy Spirit until the Judgment Day when we will receive the FULLNESS of Christ’s FORGIVENESS of SINS and His FULL Righteousness with a Glorified Body as well. Over the course of Sanctification our hearts are made more like Christ’s and thus we become more ABLE TO, LIKE HIM, ACT AS HE DID ON EARTH! HOW WAS THAT???? OBEYING THE PERFECTLY RIGHTEOUS MORAL LAW OF GOD! The CEREMONIAL LAWS ARE FULFILLED IN CHRIST AND NO LONGER ARE VALID as they are DONE IN PURPOSE of pointing to Christ BUT the Moral Law of God will NOT BE FULFILLED IN US UNTIL WE ARE GIVEN THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST’s RIGHTEOUSNESS IN the END DAY…..SO, NO the Moral Law of God is NEVER abolished as long as this earth is extant in fallen state, for it acts as a measure of depravity and condemnation to the Reprobate AND to the Elect who has been Regenerated, it acts as a Standard of how much we have GROWN IN CHRIST – LIKENESS as we see ourselves follow that Moral Law with the Fullness of Heart which Christ would have, which is what He speaks f in John 14-15 in speaking of anything we ask IN HIS NAME or IN THE MIND OF CHRIST…HE WILL DO IT OR GRANT IT! In these moments we are praying for an outcome and a perfect in Righteousness through the Blessing as granted us by the Spirit, of Christ’s Righteous Spirit to us. So UNDER GRACE means that we are given access to God the Father in prayer and Communion through what Jesus did paying for sin and living a PERFECT Righteous (MORAL LAWFUL) Life, even while we are not made complete in Righteousness in our OWN being yet….because of the ABSOLUTE UNQUESTIONABLE FACT that The Good work Started, will be brought to completion in the great Day of the Lord!!


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