Truth For Christians ….History and Righteousness

Family of God

Family of God

If they take away your history Christians, they take away the Truth of God’s Providence for you and the Christians who came before you. Then they can reinvent the past and society itself through reinventing the past with “Social Studies” in order to cast guilt upon you for the Faith you have by associating Christianity with fictitious atrocities and savagery, fictitious oppression and hatred; usually pointing to an earlier time in America which actually was a time of Righteous rule where the unleashing of their perverse agenda was subverted by STRONG CHRISTIAN MEN who were Servant Leaders with Wives they fed constantly in the Word and thus these women were essential to their Christian Manhood at its fullest with their wisdom and support. These men Trusted the Christ and the Holy Spirit and Lived in the Word every day as the very sustenance of their lives. If they take your history, they take the “2nd Bible” away from you, for the Word of God is ABSOLUTE in its Rule over this earth as God has Revealed Himself in it; thus we see the Word of God’s Authority and Justice replete throughout our past as a “Second Telling of the Word” and thus we are given Blessed Assurance and can have ABSOLUTE FAITH IN THE FUTURE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD!

Read these Christians READ THEM…..

1. History of the Reformation in the 16th Century by J Merle D’Aubigne

2. The History of Protestantism by JA Wylie

These Christian Pastors and vehement Scholars of History were not perverted by nor did they allow in their society the same sabotage of their children which our children suffer under the bondage of the the God-less spiritual murder by the federal government of this nation in the schools, fueled relentlessly by the wicked elite in media and every corporate helm. Humanistic Arminianism leads to the belief that man is Righteous enough to “choose” Jesus and thus man can be Righteous without God in part and thus can be trusted to do Righteousness in scholastics and government….therefore Christian men sat back in “toleration” as the country was turned by “liberal” humanist pastors into a soul murdering altar to the federal government. This reveals the key Truth of Revelation in that we have the Beast which rises from the Sea of Fallen Man — Apostate Political Power — rising and being glorified by the Beast of the Land; land symbolizing the order of Faith and God’s Providence rising above the chaos of the sea of fallen man in True Religion, but in this case a False Faith in the form of a Beast — Apostate Religious Power. We are seeing the effects of the joining up of the two, the Apostate Religious Power pervading this nation, glorifying the agenda of the wicked men in power and influence which is Apostate Political power.  We saw this in Hitler’s Government being glorified by the new syncretistic religion of the SS.

These Authors above revealed the deadly poison of Roman Catholicism in the Reformation as it became a monolithic edifice to Priest Worship (intermediaries to God) and Pagan Idolatry (saint and relic worship) which turned Europe from 500AD to 1500 AD into a pit of licentious perversion and crime where for the right price you could buy forgiveness for murder, theft, rape whatever, through the Priest’s indulgences and the monks and priests themselves could murder with impunity and had often more power than the kings and had NOTHING to do with God or Christianity. If you were caught with a Bible, you were sentenced to death after torture. The successor to the Priests of the Roman Catholic Apostate Police State are the super pastors in the carnival circuit of modern American Syncretism of Humanism and parts of Christianity. These creatures who are looked upon as having spiritual efficacy because of the vast Biblical ignorance of this society, use parts of out of context Biblical quotes and self help platitudes which can be used to glorify the pastor or influence the people he is trying to control with absolutely NO accountability as Americans think God is there to make them feel better when they do something “for” him. Their apostasy is the very glorification of God in the Judgment coming or the Repentance; for just as the Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander, Nero, Pope, Hitler, Stalin and Obama…there will come a reckoning with God in this life or the next for this nation and the leaders who cast perversion as “Good” and the Absolute Moral Law of God as “Evil”.

The authors mentioned above, knew the Biblical Truth through the vehement joy of Bible study and dedicated perusal of the History confirming God’s Rule in the lives of mankind; these men were thus fully secure in the Biblical Doctrine of Our Absolutely Sovereign God, 100% in control of the history of mankind and ALL things and they were also secure in mankind’s 100% Moral Accountability for the thought, word and actions he undertakes. What many do not understand, and thus try to make man SOVEREIGN (not Free but Sovereign) over his own life, is that it makes NO difference WHAT happens in the outcome of things because God has decreed ALL THINGS FOR HIS GLORY and for the Good of His Chosen!

Proverbs 16:4 (NASB) 4 The LORD has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil.

Daniel 4:35 (NASB) 35 “All the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, But He does according to His will in the host of heaven And among the inhabitants of earth; And no one can ward off His hand Or say to Him, ‘What have You done?’

What matters children is the ATTITUDE OF THE HEART which superimposes INTENT on the thoughts, words and actions man undertakes. THAT is good and evil, sin and Righteousness. Man has freedom to act fully according to the Character which God has decreed in him, God knowing and decreeing the person and the environment he will pass through from beginning to end…..these are the “SECRET THINGS”* ……Man is responsible for the living forth of these decreed thoughts, words and actions with an attitude of the heart grounded in Righteousness (Character of God/Moral Law of God)and thus the Moral Laws of God are the “Things Revealed”**.

Deuteronomy 29:29 (NIV) 29 The secret things* belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed** belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.

A man granted a Living Spirit by Christ and Blessed with the cleansing and feeding of the Living Water which is the Word, is indwelt by a Living Spirit which uses Faith as his “sense” with which to experience and perceive the world and the Holy Spirit as his Glorious Counselor. God is Spirit (John 4:24) and thus the impetus or attitude to thought, word or action in this man of God is at times going to be in tandem with the chain of Righteousness bound by Love in this Holy Eternal Family.  This is the wonderful “childhood” of the Believer where he is made not childish but as Jesus said “like a child”. The point is NOT acting in some sovereign way, of our own volition but of entering Love’s committed intimacy with Our Father, to grasp Righteousness in the Word; and thus join through the resulting thought, word or action, that chain of LASTING FRUIT which will NOT be burned away by the Consuming Fire of Justice at time’s end. Why does the fruit last in this following verse? Because you have acted in perfect unison, from RIGHTEOUS INTENT unto thought, unto speech and finally unto action, in complete unison with the Sovereign Will and Plan of God!

John 15:16 (NIV) 16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit–fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.

There is ONE Life. If you are a True Christian, you know that life, existence, hope, love, joy, justice, peace, goodness ….these are about God’s granted life in the Spirit, not us in the world. When we enter Life Eternal, we enter a place of unfathomable Grace beyond our first inkling of comprehension. Yes, you are an individual and this is what makes love possible, individuals to share it, but the more your individuality is infused with the One True God’s nature of Character, the less you think of your own “way” and the more the Way, Christ,  reveals that Life has to do with what supports the Family you are now a part of according to the Book…the Bible.

John 13:34-35 (NIV) 34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Now, regarding the reprobate. His standard is the constant which all his world is reconciled against. The constant or standard which is the foundation of all his perception and decision is the Flesh. He  does not care what the Bible says because the Bible is speaking from the standpoint of someone whose Standard, or the constant by which he perceives and defines all things, is the Spirit of God and that Standard is what ALL things are created to be relative to. All things function and exist according to THAT standard which is the Word, which is God Revealed in a way man can comprehend when given a Living Spirit through which redeemed man “sees” or senses through “Faith”. It does not matter to the reprobate how well you describe the Word or convey it, it is like a man with a whole other language than English but using the same letters. When you read a sentence, you both get diametrically opposed meanings because their standard for the meaning of those letters is totally different.

Now, when a reprobate gives to a charity, he is looking for the people he can tell so that his reputation with PEOPLE will grow as a community supporter and he will get elected (his standard for his own image  is man). When a Christian gives, he does not tell a soul because he knows the money he received is from God caring for him daily and he is FILLED with gratitude. He wants to bring his Father Glory so the Christian gives anonymously so that when it is received, God will receive the Glory which brings the man the great joy of seeing the one he loves more deeply and dearly than his own life receive that which He deserves! SAME ACTION WITH DIFFERENT HEART ATTITUDES PUT ON THE ACTION. Do not concern yourself with outcomes children but be the best you can be at what you do, and do it according to the Moral Law of God (the Things Revealed), studying and giving thanks daily. The outcomes are fixed for the good and the evil (Isaiah 10:5-19 “the Assyrian King”), the attitude of the heart is where Life’s essence truly resides in Spiritual Life or Death. Be Righteously Obedient with the New Heart you have been given, and you will be in Love with your God, Your Christ, Your First Love….

John 14:15 (NASB) 15 “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.


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