A Letter For Your Politician — Take a Stand Christian Man

Each Attempted to Destroy God's Image From His People ....Attempted

Each Attempted to Destroy God’s Image From His People ….Attempted

I cannot fathom Mr. Burr, how you can simply go about business as usual with this Arab usurper, Hussein Obama, in the Presidency destroying our nation piece by piece. Imagine! Calling himself “Black” (less than 7%) instead of the Arab (over 40%) or white (50%) which he is predominately, just to deceive the Black population of this nation and play on their prejudices as a typical demagogue, that they would cast disdain on the whites of this nation and see him as some kind of “black” hero. This Arab/White man insults DIRECTLY the many Christian Black Gentlemen and Ladies he presumes will back his wicked plan of child slaughter (“god Bless you Planned Parenthood”), Perversion*…


*OBAMA — “We may disagree about gay marriage, but surely we can agree that it is unconscionable to target gays and lesbians for who they are — whether it’s here in the United States or, as Hillary (Clinton) mentioned, more extremely in odious laws that are being proposed most recently in Uganda.” — National Prayer Breakfast, Feb. 4, 2010 —-

UNCONSCIONABLE!!! It is a requirement of GOD ALMIGHTY that we do NOT condone nor associate nor allow Homosexual perversion in our Society EVER …YES, we are to “Remove the Evil for among us” that our society not be destroyed and we maintain a Secure, Loving, Joyful, Just society.  If we give license to perverts then you are saying that the Law of God is NOT the Standard and then you have unleashed HELL as this Arab in the whitehouse, and made the Fallen Heart of Man the Standard; Murder is ALREADY legal in the slaughter of babies and homosexuals in their RAGE cry out for the destruction of the foundation of society as God created and decreed it and will maintain it after America’s destruction or repentance…it will be ONE OF THE TWO. Love has NOTHING to do with LICENSE and that is ALL Obama offers, until he has ULTIMATE POWER, then hell comes.

Righteousness or Death, Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul and strength and Love your Neighbor as yourself , the Law’s Summation, as ALL is about Relationship which is the foundation of Love the paradigm of Godliness….Do these things or die as an individual spirit and person in Hell……THAT is the Standard of the Holy Bible and God Almighty’s very Law and thus His Character Stated…

What is Obama’s Standard??

“As I’ve said, my feelings about this are constantly evolving. I struggle with this. I have friends, I have people who work for me, who are in powerful, strong, long-lasting gay or lesbian unions. And they are extraordinary people, and this is something that means a lot to them and they care deeply about. At this point, what I’ve said is, is that my baseline is a strong civil union that provides them the protections and the legal rights that married couples have. And I think — and I think that’s the right thing to do. But I recognize that from their perspective it is not enough, and I think is something that we’re going to continue to debate and I personally am going to continue to wrestle with going forward.” — News conference, Dec. 22, 2010



…and unchecked invasion of illegal armies of occupation granted entry by Obama’s taking from the budget of the border patrol and the military and tying the hands of Immigration Control so that he can build a power base and grant them all amnesty to stay in power and further weaken the United States through lowering wages and thus capacity for purchasing power as these workers work for multiples less than the Americans because of holing up multiple people to one apartment and  they send ALL funds (I WAS A BANKER) out of the country so eventually there will be a transition where the people hiring them will not have the clientele to purchase their product or service as their clients have no work, which the invasion army has no vested interest in and will simply head home AFTER Obama has destroyed the economic and social and Moral integrity of this land! In the short term it is GREAT for the employers of these people until that day where purchasing power erodes to the point people cannot purchase their product or service anymore. Obama knows this formula well and BELIEVE ME, he is NOT an American but a foreign vested man as he HATES our Christian morals, our society, our people and our capitalism, which these white, dirt faced drug addled “Obippies” who love the socialism of their parents ramble about “despising” until their “black god” becomes their Arab Satan when the entire economy is CRUSHED under Obamacare……and this man insults Christian Blacks by presuming he can bank on his dark skin to dupe them…EVIL!

Do you in the Legislature just think this nation is going to stand by and allow this counterfeit president to deconstruct our Freedoms? YOU are under moral obligation TO IMPEACH THIS MAN who presumes to tyrannize the people through his secret police, the IRS and he is even precipitating to the audacity to take our guns away, the FUNDAMENTAL AMERICAN CHECK ON POWER since our origins as a nation! What in God’s or in this case Satan’s name are you doing? And NO that is not an ignorant attempt at caviling…this man is SATANIC…he uses the Mark of the Beast, counterfeit law, to force upon the Christians of this nation, to act counter to the Law of God! That is the nature and Biblical Mark of the Beast Mr. Burr, the Beast of the Sea (Apostate Political Power). Ask the woman in Seattle who is being taken to court to defend her CHRISTIAN LAW COMMAND and RIGHT NOT to comply with the perverts’ who came to her business and commanded her Christian florist shop to create displays for the Sodomites in their evil usurpation of the word “marriage” used in reference to their celebration of homosexual rot of their dead souls. The STATE IS TAKING HER TO COURT Mr. Burr!

Do you NOT understand this danger to us Mr. Burr, as a society or care what the IRS has done under his tyranny? These recent invasions and attacks were the tactics of the KGB and the GESTAPO and the bullying of Congress along with the people is tantamount to the OPRICHNINA of Ivan IV which made SURE his orders to the leaders in the burzhui were carried out. Hussein Obama has DESTROYED THE ECONOMIC RECOVERY WITH OBAMACARE which is the END of small business. DO YOU NOT CARE AS AN ORDAINED LEADER BY GOD ALMIGHTY? Can you not stand on a Principle instead of pragmatism or a damned and apostate party line? Do you even know that you are NOT Responsible before the dumbed down FOOLS who elected this monster of hellish designs, you do NOT answer to these “New Americans” acting in the ignorance which was planned out by John Dewey and Rockefeller who both saw the Family as the biggest threat to the new beehive society of mindless drones; you are NOT responsible to these public toilet/school children now grown to adulthood….you answer to Your Creator, and the Standard above ALL Else is the Christ, the King of this World who has placed this monster on the throne of this land as a MIRROR for America to look at as an IMAGE OF ITSELF.

Hussein Obama is a muslim sympathizing Arab  which Christ has decreed unto power that it may be seen what is the DEATH and ROT the APOSTATE CHURCHES have spread. These Apostate Churches teach the Law Abolished which is insane;as then there is NO Standard! The Whole Law of God was Removed as the Elect’s JUDGE by Christ’s Death for our sins and then the most Beautiful part of Christ’s Gift was given.  Jesus Christ’s perfectly lawful life of obedience culminated in His Father Declaring Him the Eternally Righteous King of the New Creation and so He was called to the Father’s Right Hand, to His Throne, from where He bestows a portion of His Living Spirit on the Elect in their time of Regeneration as written in the Book of Life. The beautiful part is that the Living Spirit He grants carries the very Character of God which is the Whole Law of God as the STANDARD of that Man’s LIFE from then on and this is what Jesus Christ imparts to the Elect, the “Law written on their Hearts.”  The Law/Character of God-Christ becomes the True Christian man’s strength, eternal purpose, ultimate Joy, Hope, source of Love and the unmoving and unshakable Standard which will never let him down or change..

The Apostate Humanistic Arminian Churches which have grown as a cancer in this land, teach that the Christian’s Standard under Christ is to be led by a lawless “spirit”, and trumpet with glee that “the Law of God is abolished” SO THE STANDARD RETURNS TO BEING THE FALLEN MAN’s HEART and these pervert pastors can have anyone in their church as the standard is SIN and the Power, Pride and Pleasure roll in to feed the pervert apostate’s flesh!  This is like saying I have been saved to remain Evil! There is ONE Standard for the Holy Spirit, the Character of God and there is One description in perfect Revelation of that Character….the Whole Law of God. The only mention of the Law being abolished is in Eph 2 where Paul is speaking of the Dividing Line between the Elect and the Reprobate changing from the old separation laws of cleanliness etc which isolated the Jews from the Gentiles. That section of the Law was abolished because of the same reason the Sacrifice Laws were abolished BECAUSE THEY WERE FULFILLED IN CHRIST and THERE WAS AND IS A NEW AND PERFECT DIVIDING LINE and that is Christ…the Reprobates on one side and the Elect unto the Family of God on the other and Jesus Christ was the FINAL SACRIFICE. So the Law of cleanliness/separation was NOT actually removed, its imperfect expression was removed and the TRUE Dividing Line replaced it.

Mr. Burr, you do not ultimately answer to these “New Americans” who are morally ignorant fools taught in public moral sewers that the Standard and Worldview we use to organize and undergird our lives is the announcer on TV whose evil heart spews only derision, pain and hatred or the self-help gurus regurgitating the glory of man in a false gospel of man’s ability to save himself and the world. You do NOT answer ultimately to these stupefied moral cripples who have been poisoned by your own adherence to the status quo of a dying nation Mr. Burr, these who have been taught by your status quo schools to rely on the man-in-the-mirror whose fallen heart takes them in every direction, from addiction to adultery, without a Biblical guiding Principle in the Society, to try and find the peace and stability offered only by the One Jesus Christ revealed in the Bible. America was once a Great Nation as it was born out of the Reformation and Biblical Truth and Study from childhood unto Righteousness and Brilliance in ALL fields.. this Glorious Land and attitude bestowed by Grace has been cast aside for a Counterfeit American as President who is bent on building his own Dictatorship of Hell’s principles of Destruction founded in the fallen heart of man. The Biblical Hope of America was stolen further by the CREATURES OF HELL in the IN-Justice System stripping the Bible, well taught, from the schools… To show the actual submission of this land to evil, the Bible was stolen by a Disgusting Whore of Satan named Madalyn Murray OHair, IN OUR COURTS, a woman later murdered as a result of her perversion and wickedness!! The Justice System STRIPPED from our schools the very foundation upon which the very Supreme Court was built…the Whole Law of God Almighty in the Pentateuch…..the same Bible which is the very foundation this nation was built on;

You Do Not Think So???

OK, look at this verse** and extrapolate from it the Three Tiered System (Justice, Legislative, Executive — “judge, lawgiver, king”) of Checks and Balances and thus see how the founding Men of God established the Branches of our Government in it place under the priority of the local leadership of the Church (“Save us”); these comprised the full leadership of our nation as designed by the GODLY MEN WHO FOUNDED IT IN JESUS’ NAME –

**Isaiah 33:22 (NASB) For the LORD is our judge, The LORD is our lawgiver, The LORD is our king; He will save us—



Our small federal government used to be the protective and Godly, Small Government which 1) Oversaw the Execution of Justice, founded in the WHOLE LAW OF GOD in the Pentateuch, and 2) The maintenance of a ready DEFENSE force if we were threatened UNJUSTLY (These Two Mandates Are The Biblical Role Of Civil Government) and finally the Distribution Of Grace was to be handled by the 4th and PRIMARY element of the nation’s foundation and that is the CHURCH. Prior to the dictatorial theft of our wealth through taxation for the Government to distribute in the form of “false grace” (without MORAL Encouragement unto Godly Life) by FDR’s administration, the CHURCH handled the Distribution of all Grace to the people, which used to be replete in this land, with Church organizations taking care of the elderly, those out of work, the sick etc.


BUT…The Churches in this land from the 1800’s forward gradually became the SOURCE of the Apostate and Blasphemous Humanism/Man-Worship in Arminianism, Universalism and Unitarianism which bred the perverts and fiends in our government today and thus will be the first judged and cleansed by God as this nation is brought to account for its deviation from the Holy Mind of God which Governs ALL THINGS by the Absolute Standard, revealed to us ALL in the Pentateuch -The Whole Law Of God….

1 Peter 4:17 (NASB) For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?



Mr. Burr, are you going to let this Perverse and Evil man stay in power or are you going to mount a campaign of Impeachment for his hatred of our society and his mounting of an attempted COUP of ALL POWER by attacking his rivals with abuse of power and for his disdain for our people and the Christ King who has Blessed us in the past but is now bringing Judgment through this Godless monster Hussein Obama? PLEASE POLITICIAN! DO SOMETHING RIGHTEOUS!



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