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  1. Hello All, I simply want to Pray for those who are lost in inactivity and fear under the Arminian/Humanist Heresy which brought the hopeless and very “MAN” oriented interpretation of Scripture bearing Premillennial Dispensationalism AND Historical Premill as well. The Bible is an account of God’s Redemption of His own amidst His gradual reintroduction of Righteousness ito the world through His Bride as He Reigns Victorious in them…defeating and crushing the antichrist and false prophet, then satan himself. God is a God of Faith Hop and Love not hide, wait, escape by rapture. My Precious Loved Ones awake from that sickened slumber which has brought this nation to the brink of destruction in perversion, murder and collusion with the very muslim horde by Hussein Obama, the horde which would have us all flayed and hung up for their entertainment. They WILL be judged but do we want this judgment at the cost of our nation under God? Wake up and fing the True Faith in Reformed Theology which IS the theology of the Protestant Reformation. The theology we have in place in the majority of Churches now is a HERESY!!! See Arminianism on this GREAT research page! Maybe you will be looking in the mirror and can start to find the Truth given to the Apostles and then lost under the Antichrist Roman Catholic Church from 500 to 1500 AD, then by the Grace of Almighty God reintroduced to His people en masse in the Reformation. You can find where the theology of the VAST majority of Churches in this country Arminianism, was declared a HERESY under the Synod of Dort !

    September 29, 2011 at 3:45 pm

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